Written By Jason Peters

Life of a Giant is an unconventional combination of poetry, narrative, prose, and essay. Available December 18th, 2017.

What is "Life of a Giant"

Life of a Giant is poetry for people who don't read poetry and a book for people who don't read books. The text features several different writing styles, from poetry to essay, all in a narrator/conversationally toned look into the mind of author Jason Peters. The book is broken into three sections, Who, Relationships, and Society. The three sections follow an overarching narrative, many topics are relevant throughout the text, politics, religion, dating, technology, and cynicism. On top of that living with mental illness, critiques of society, and dark humor are prevalent through all chapters. 

This book features strong opinions, curse words, and mentions sex.

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Life of a Giant

This book will be self-published. The author is unrepresented.

Email: jpeterstsr@gmail.com

Jason Peters

Berks St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121, United States

Phone: Two One Five 8 Four Zero One Five 8 8