Jason N. Peters

First and foremost, this book is self-published and Jason Peters is unsigned. That being said, I (Jason Peters) am a college graduate from Temple University in Philadelphia. I am 22 years of age, with ambitions greater than what I am currently doing. I've written this book to feel heard, in a world where you literally only have one life that can be taken from you at anytime, I said fuck it and wrote a book.  

The book comes from my belief in Altruistic Nihilism and an ultimate sense that there is a genuine lack of honesty in the world. Much of the book mirrors my struggles with/thoughts on mental illness, which is essentially the cornerstone of who I am as a person. 

Growing up, a huge fan of hip-hop and word play, poetry and lyricism came naturally to me. Rap music and poetry are the only major outlets for a skill or hobby in that sense, and I'd already tried to rap in my early teen years. My life has been unconventional to say the least, growing up in suburbia, right when suburbia's definition changed into "drug infested town built around a Walmart."

Some general resume stuff:

  • won an MTV Woodie Award as a member of 90.3 WESS Radio Station for "Best College Radio Station" 
  • credited Production Assistant on the short film "I Seek Asylum"
  • interned with Chapter Media in London, England
  • over 100+ published articles through Pattison Ave and Top Sports Report
  • host of several radio shows and podcasts over several stations and outlets 
  • currently on Temple Radio's WHIP hosting "Here's My Thing" on Sunday nights
  • former Pizza Hut delivery driver

I'm the product of mental illness, watching the Chappelle Show too young, mismanaged technology, seeing too much, and a village of amazing people supporting me. Becoming a published author has weirdly always been a dream of mine, but this book just kind of fell out of my brain. 

Above all, I hope that people are engaged by this book. It's a weird book, but I'm just glad that I can feel heard. If one person can relate to the things I say, I will consider this book a success.