Chapter One.

Think what you want. This is a book without persuasive intent.

There is no intended emotional reaction to the text that lies before

you. As a matter of fact, I as the author am unsure of my own

reaction to this book. There are many ideas and opinions presented

that to some may be controversial. To that accord, I am not

concerned about reactions, unless they are informed and thought

out. Religion, politics, capitalism, socialism, nihilism, tradition,

culture, mental illness, and dating are a few of the themes that are

touched on. There are curse words in this book.


If you have not noticed, this is not Chapter One, this is an intro or a

prologue. I simply named it Chapter One so that people would read

it. Personally, I never read the intro, so I am holding readers to the

same standards I hold myself to.


To be acquainted my name is Jason and I have written a book, this

book to be specific. You’ll learn about me as this book goes on. Life

of a Giant is a collection of short essays, narrative, and poetry;

meant to show a different perspective. It’s a chance to see the

world through a different lens, I guess my lens, but the purpose is

to understand someone else’s logic and understanding.


Personally, I put little value into the idea of structure, my biggest

complaint is the overuse of simple structure for comfort in all

aspects of human life. There is a disingenuous nature that lies in

the makeup of accepted structures. Most structure and order reside

to assure safety and comfort, but at what costs? The rationalization

for all structures as efficient and unquestioned is the reason why all

suburbs look the same, why everyday people follow routines, why we accept being exposed to 5,000 advertisements a day, and America inexplicably operates in a two-party system. Structure is often a facade.


Consider a sporting event, there is little benefit to the individual in

standing and singing the National Anthem before a game, yet every

time we do because the order of events is structured that way.

Why? Why not in the middle of the game? Why not at the end?

Why do we rise from our seats? Why not balance on one leg? Why

sporting events? Why not before work? Why not at 1 pm every

day? Why at all?


It certainly benefits a nationalist mindset, which in turn provides

comfort to a bureaucracy attempting to control 323.1 million people,

who have convinced businesses that America is a stable market to

operate in. That’s why the national anthem is held in such high

regards, the national anthem really is just a song. But the context

decides what it really means depending on who you are and where

you are, your “If's and When’s.”


If I sing the National Anthem alone in my car, there is no context, it

means nothing. If it’s playing alone in my car and I am seated

wearing a hat, but not singing, it means nothing. Yet, if I remain

seated wearing a hat and refuse to sing at a baseball game, it

means something. Don’t even get me started on other countries

national anthems. The structure of events and physical entities

serve purposes intrinsically; questioning structure is as fundamental

as questioning context.


You can see this applied to politics, Americans put such a large

focus on changing the pieces within the structure, but rarely alter

the structure. In reality, the election of a President is not nearly as

important as perceived, if the same lobbyists and special interest

groups have their hands in the game as always. Lobbyist and

criminal Paul Manafort had connections to both Hillary Clinton and

Donald Trump, the people involved in and around Washington do


not disappear when the torch is handed off from party to party.

Lobbyists don’t sell their houses and move out of Washington when

party lines flip, they rebrand. The structure that breeds

misinformation and corruption is more the problem, rather than the

interchangeable /electable pieces.


This book is intentionally structured in an unorthodox manner so

that pieces can be read individually and/or as a story. The mix of

poetry and narrative is done mainly because it provides a flow that I

find pleasing and mirrors how I think. Narratives if too long drag and

can get stale and pedantic, but poetry gets old after a while,

especially to someone like myself who does not particularly love

reading poetry.


This book is meant to ease the minds of the like-minded, and to

elicit thought in those who are not like-minded.


If you disagree, great.

If you agree, great.

None of that is the point.


I’ve been thinking about what it is I want to do with my life.

But nothing seems to be right.

Not with me, the sciences, or the world; nothing is what it seems


The seams of the fabric of society often lie to me.

Privacy, scarce.

A public unaware.

Where do I find solace in a place so unpolished?


I worry that solace and relief are cheap, useless fixations for a

nation striving for comfort.

Our main concerns, are mostly to learn and burn calories. Little

worry about a place to sleep or a mouth to feed.


We should be comfortable in the most humble of settings, I’m

betting that you want more.

I’m sure, because it’s in our nature. Just like the need for a savior

or our outlandish behavior.

I’ll be fine in due time, we all will be.

The temporary makeup of our days pays dividends, the bad stuff

always ends.

Then something else begins.

Whether it be the beginning of an opportunity, puberty, or

something else new to me.

The chance to end one thing and start another is always here.

Fear is the only thing in your way today.

Or any day to be completely candid.

Let’s manage to forget the baggage and move on.

Onto something brand new.

Can you turn the page?